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Listen to this Kentucky gal for a second. Making things by hand is AWESOME. Here you will find some hand crafted in the USA products and patterns designed by me.

Let me tell you – I believe we would all be happier making more things by hand. I thoroughly believe that the art of creating, designing and making things by hand extremely helps our mental state as well as fulfills something in our soul that brings joy to our lives.

Our mission here at Sugar Snap Lane is to help spur you on creatively and create a community of makers. Look around and you will find things already made as well as patterns so you can learn to make things too! If you want to learn how to knit, crochet etc... we have courses as well! A portion of all proceeds will go to organizations supporting women and children.

Remember - you are loved, valuable and needed. Love y’all! xoxo - Sandi

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Hand Made in the USA

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